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I believe: We're all equal Spirits. We are here to assist each other beyond commercial interest. Outside fearful mind we are beyond concepts of law. I wish to share experience and vision supporting gentle coexistence & lifetime in Peace...

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What rules beyond human concept ?

No rules No Fear – Freedom & Liberty…   

Yes, that would be pleasant change..  We are, however,  thoroughly conditioned by rule of human concepts.  We continue our aspiration for freedom and liberty as prescribed to us by elders  –  who not long ago insisted that our world is flat.
Well, Oxford Dictionary says Liberty is: The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s behaviour or political views.

Journey to freedom begins …

When we choose a path towards lifetime in peace.  When we pose no threat – when we seek no challenge and cause no interference.  Will rules of human concept then secP1060062ure our peaceful journey through humanity?  Perhaps not? …. So, where does human jurisdiction end?
I believe we find the end of rule by oppressive authority inside ourselves. We can end emotional self tyranny and  find liberty in our free mind.

Have No Fear is easy to say!…


Yet, much harder to practice.  I find it to be quite possible though – because we may simply deflate rule of fear within, by stop asking – What if? Instead we can ask – What is now? Hypothetical questions are self-serving creation of worry. Emotional reality only exist as created by our mind, it is not independently self-employed.  We commission rule of fear based on our society’s concept of what is desirable and what is reality… I am intrigued by the idea that  –

Beyond human concept – we may find Liberty – Freedom P1120804and…    


When is Reality..?

Only Now is Reality  – One might say …? 

Well, isn’t reality a matter of our individual perception?   In a moment between two people, who gets to decide what the reality is in that moment. Such questions frequently spin my head because there are a variety of answers  – all “correct”- depending on individual preference of perception.

According to: Wikipedia Reality is the conjectured state of things asReality P1260166 they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined.[1] In a wider definition, reality includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. A still more broad definition includes everything that has existed, exists, or will exist.

Is it then so that everything has multi facet reality ?

How about emotional reality in contrast to observable reality?  Is any reality superior to another?
Some moments in photography offer rare opportunity to visually illustrate these perspectives of reality. I think it is essential to peaceful coexistence that we exercise constant awareness of multi facet reality in all and everything.

3 Dimansional P1050671

What exactly is going on here?

3 Dimensional P1050671 copy








Our shadow represent the dual reality of us, but does it actually exist?
Is left side image depicting less of actual  reality than right side image?



Which lens view is closer to actual reality here?

3 D Samsung P1010343

3 D Samsung P1010325Is the image in camera phone closest to reality or does the image rendered by the camera, photographing the camera phone, show wider perspective of reality? Is it perhaps the actual eyes looking into the cameras viewfinder who are the superior witnesses of reality – or is it  your eyes now looking at these images who are closest to actual reality?



Was my rest here just another illusion?

Dimensional Post P1040494


No, – although merely existing as substance of memory. I remember that moment. I remember  thinking that peaceful coexistence entirely depend on our ability to feel empathy  – which I believe is to consider the reality of others..















In the mean time the surf washes out all trace of topic that was reality…