• Water for Peace

    Life in freedom requires unconditional access to clean drinking water. Unless we have unconditional access to clean drinking water – we will be dependent on and in the mercy of someones dominance – someones monopoly. Global community decided that access to clean drinking water is our basic human right. Water for Peace is meant to remind us …Read more »

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  • Precious Heart

    How often do we look into our Heart to see whats really there ? How often do we consider our Heart above our Ego? Do we ever feel gratitude towards our loyal, humble Heart ? This Video attempts to display such insights of internal dialog… It is perhaps also at the same time my personal …Read more »

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  • Dear Soul of Mine

    It is often said World Peace shall emerge from within Oneself…. Logic question could be: How does One become peaceful within? This Video attempts to describe such process of inner dialog about “making” Peace with Oneself. It is perhaps at the same time my unbiased peace accord with myself.. By publishing it, it also becomes …Read more »

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  • Ciao Facebook

    About conscious choice of reality outside Facebook & Social media addiction…

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  • Hostel Campeche

    Promotional Video Produced for Hostel Campeche for Social Media & Website application.

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